I was born and raised  in Winterthur, Switzerland.  I  grew up in an international environment, being my father Swiss and my mother Chilean, which gave me the opportunity to learn from both cultures.  My father worked for Sulzer his entire life in the textile sector and was responsible for all of Latin America.
After finishing my high school I started  my apprenticeship at Credit Suisse in 1996. For me it was clear that I wanted to pursue a banking career covering Latin America  and in 2004 I moved to Private Banking  as an Assistant for the Conosur Team. I inherited my father’s enthusiasm for Latin America and my mother’s roots. In 2007 I was promoted to Junior Relationship Manager working mainly with clients from Argentina, Chile and Uruguay and achieving success all the way up  to Senior Relationship Manager in 2011.

Early 2020,  after 24 years working for Credit Suisse I decided to start a new career path as an independent client advisor. I realized during  all those years that working at a great bank  gave me the best education and very gratifying times. I really learned a lot and enjoyed working with clients. During the last couple of years the time left to really serve the clients as they deserve and also taking their needs into consideration conflicted with the changing banking policies and environment. Client servicing without conflicts of interest was  my main goal. Therefore I decided to start as an independent advisor, where the client is the main focus. From my position as independent advisor I can now work with my clients and offer them the best solutions in the market.